A Full Body Jogging Stroller Workout For Moms | 8 Stroller Exercises For the Legs + Glutes + Core


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It’s hard to fit in fitness when you’re also child rearing. But doing both at the same time? Next time the little one wants to go for a walk, throw on your favorite pair of sneakers and grab the stroller for a little multitasking! The following exercises are also diastasis recti friendly.

Exercise #1: Interval Jogging with Stroller

Speed walk or Jog for 30 seconds as you push the stroller in front of you. Slow to a walk for 30 seconds. Advanced: do the same thing uphill for added resistance.

Exercise #2: Walking Lunge

Preform this as you would a traditional walking lunge but keep your hands on the handlebar of the stroller so it continues to move forward. Do 20 reps (10 reps on each side).

Exercise #3: Leg Hinge

Stand with the stroller as close to your belly as possible, feet together and elbows pointing straight back. Place hands shoulder-width apart on the stroller’s handlebar. Shift your weight to right leg by bending your left knee. Your right knee should be bent slightly. Raise left leg to hip height behind you, toes pointed, squeezing your glutes as you hinge forward from hips as you extend arms ahead (pushing stroller). Contract your back muscles to return to the starting position as you pull the stroller back towards you. Do 10 reps, then repeat on opposite side to complete set.

Exercise #4: Calf Raises

Find a curb away from traffic where you can perform this move. Lock the strolled and put the balls of your feet on the edge with your feet hanging off. Hold the handles for balance, but don’t use it to pull or push yourself up. drop your heels to the street and using your calf muscles, raise up and into tip toes. Do for one minute. Advanced: Place your foot behind your ankle and perform this move on one leg. Do for one minute on each leg.

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Exercise #5: Squat

Perform this move as you would any other squat while lightly holding on to the handlebars. Do 15 reps.

Exercise #6: Lateral Leg Lift

Grasp the handle with your left hand and lift your right leg to at least a 45 degree angle and hold for 2 counts and return to the starting position. Try and maintain a neutral position as you lift and lower your leg. Be sure you are keeping your abs engaged. Do 12 lifts on each leg. That is one set.

Exercise #7: Plie Squat Toe Raises

Hold on the handlebars of the stroller with one hand. Start in a sumo squat position, with your feet in a wide stance, your toes pointing out to the sides, and your thighs parallel to the floor. Raise your heels off the floor and squeeze your calves. Lower your heels and return to the starting position. Do 12 -15 reps.

Exercise #8: Oblique Crunch

Lock the wheels of the stroller. With your feet shoulder-width apart, stand with the handlebar on your right. Grasp the bar with your right hand and shift your weight to your right foot. Extend your left arm overhead and left leg to the side, toe pointed. Bring your left knee up to hip height, still out to the side. Simultaneously bring your left elbow down toward the raised knee. Do 10 reps and repeat on the right side. That’s one set.


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