7 Glute Exercises Every Runner and Cyclist Should Do


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Do you want to run faster, cycle longer or lift heavier while preventing injuries? Then you need to add these 7 exercises from Dr. Jessica Warnecke, PT, DPT, OCS, PCES to your workout routine!

“Our glutes are powerful hip muscles that extend, abduct & stabilize your leg with standing, walking, & other activities (especially when on 1 leg),” explained Warnecke. “The single leg options also force your deep hip rotator muscles to kick in to assist with control which is crucial for pelvic floor function, low back health & core strength.”

Here are the 7 exercises. Be sure to check out Dr. Warnecke’s video below on how to perform these exercises!

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“Focus on keeping knee in line with hip & foot as you work through each single leg option,” reminded Warnecke. “Also try to avoid leaning to one side or the other with your trunk. Your spine should stay close to neutral with your glutes controlling the movement through a full range of motion.”

1) Single Leg Eccentric Sit

2) Glute Emphasis Step Ups

3) 45 Degrees Kick Backs with resistance band

4) Banded Hip Thrusts

5) Side Plank with Hip Abduction

6) Static Lunge Against Medial Pull with resistance band

7) Isometric Straight Leg Raise + Glute Strength with resistance band

You can start by performing 3 sets of 10 reps and slowly increase the reps as you get stronger. You can also increase the challenge of some of these exercises by doing them without shoes or eyes closed.

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