14 Exercises to Help Relieve Lateral Knee Pain (Video)


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Are you experiencing pain on the outside (lateral) of your knee? Do you have sharp pain outside of your knee when you step down or bend the knee? Then check out these 14 exercises from Dr. Jen Fraboni, PT, DPT to help relieve lateral knee pain.

According to Fraboni, understanding your body and what it needs is the KEY to healing, injury recovery and prevention. It is not about a workout plan but about learning where you’re restricted, and where you’re weak. Many people may think that their knee pain is caused by tight IT Band or more formally known as the illiotibial band, however, Fraboni said that even though this super thick layer fasica might be attached to your pain point at the side of the knee, it is NOT the cause. So, rolling it out with a roam roller will not fix it. Instead, it is more important to “address the muscles controlling the IT band and the way they may be responding to the knee!”

You want to start with mobility exercises first. Next, you want to understand how to activate the muscles in non-weight bearing. Then you want to start loading the hip and knee as soon as tolerable.

Here are the 14 exercises. Be sure to check out Dr. Fraboni’s video below on how to perform these exercises!

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1) Mobility Exercise 1 – Tensor Fasciae Latae (TFL) Stretch.

2) Mobility Exercise 2 – Tensor Fasciae Latae (TFL) Hip Activation.

3) Mobility Exercise 3 – Glute Hip Stretch.

4) Mobility Exercise 4 – Glute Hip Activation.

5) Open Chain (Non-Weight Bearing) Exercise 1 – Tensor Fasciae Latae (TFL) Hip Lifts.

6) Open Chain (Non-Weight Bearing) Exercise 2 – Tensor Fasciae Latae (TFL) Hip Kicks.

7) Open Chain (Non-Weight Bearing) Exercise 3 – Glute Hip Lifts.

8) Closed Chain (Weight Bearing) Exercise 1 – Frontal Plane Lunges.

9) Closed Chain (Weight Bearing) Exercise 2 – Curtsy Lunges.

10) Closed Chain (Weight Bearing) Exercise 3 – Transverse Lunges: External Rotation.

11) Closed Chain (Weight Bearing) Exercise 4 – Transverse Lunges: Internal Rotation.

12) Balance Exercise 1 – Forward/Backward Balance Reaches.

13) Balance Exercise 2 – Side to Side Balance Reaches.

14) Balance Exercise 3 – Rotational Balance Reaches.

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