6 Exercises To Decrease Back Pain in Runners (Video)


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Do you have back pain with or after running? If you’ve ever had back tightness or pain after an activity like running or jogging, you’ll want to add these 6 exercises from Dr. Leada Malek, PT, DPT, SCS to your routine! ⁣

“Back pain with sports or activity can happen for a variety of reasons or conditions. I won’t name any diagnoses because for the most part, these things can be controlled with proper prep,” explained Malek. “Running technique and lack of proper strength or stability are usually top of the list, with complaints of extension-sensitive pain. [And] core strength, hip flexor, and hip extensor strength are all key in making sure these stay in check!”

Here are the 5 exercises. Be sure to check out Dr. Malek’s video below on how to perform these exercises!

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1) Supine Resisted Hip Flexion with resistance loop band: Engage the lower abs and stabilize against the floor, resist with one leg as you push out with another. Be sure to keep breathing whole you stay engaged. Direct your kick a little laterally to engage hip abductors more if desired.

2) Side Plank and Hip Abduction: Lift from the core and avoid arching the back. Straighten the top let up but behind the torso. If it is too hard, try rotating with a bent knee.

3) Resisted Bird Dog with resistance band: Find neutral with the spine that’s comfortable for you, stabilize with the lower abs. Kick one heel to the wall, and reach the opposite arm to the ear. Avoid falling into the low back or arching, stay lower if you have to.

4) Dynamic Reverse Lunge with resistance band: Pull a band to be in front of you belly button, maintain stability and step back into a lunge. Bring everything up to a single leg balance, staying as tall as possible. Resisting the band.

5) Resisted Hip Flexion + Triple Ext with resistance loop band: Lean into a wall and lift into calf raise with a straight leg. Drive one hip and knee up into resistance. Avoid buckling the standing leg. Regress to flat feet for an easier option.

6) Overhead Pulls with weights: Tuck tailbone and brace core, lower a weight overhead till you feel a challenge in stabilizing. Advance to one leg extended and one hip flexed.

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