Self Defense for Badass Women: Strike to Injure and Escape




Elle Beyer


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The only way to stop an attacker in their tracks, is to make them pay dearly for trying to do so in the first place.

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This course is designed for women, by a woman. Coach Elle Beyer (co-founder of Free Flow Academy – The Largest and Most Diversified Parkour Gym on the West Coast) explains the importance of creating space between you and your attacker, and learning how to escape and flee a dangerous situation.

What you will learn

  • Toss a 225 lb. attacker on his ass for trying to put his hands on you. Send a clear message that you are a dangerous liability.
  • Learn close quarter combat and escape some of the most common attacks used on women. Leave your attacker blind, or even dead.
  • Learn how to fend off multiple attackers and position yourself to an advantage while you rail brutal knee strikes into the attackers face.
  • Learn how to dissipate and minimize a dangerous situation from escalating, BUT also know how to play the same mind games predators use on their victims.

  • Understand and use threat analysis, and let your attacker know you will not go down without a fight! You have an 80% chance of surviving and escaping an attacker.
  • Throw a man 2x your size off of you from a mounted (rape) position and stomp his face out while you make a run for it.
  • Fight to end the fight. Learn how to strike to injure, debilitate, and ultimately be completely ruthless in your defense tactics.
  • Get access to badass conditioning regimes that will make you a ridiculously tough target.


  • Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and are in a safe open space before starting class.

Who this course is for:

  • Women ages 12-34

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Self Defense for Badass Women: Strike to Injure and Escape
Self Defense for Badass Women: Strike to Injure and Escape